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Piece by Piece

PIECE BY PIECE is one woman’s version of the “old redemption” story. How a loving God called and pursued her. How the people He both allowed and sent into her life were used for His purposes. How He continued to protect and love her even when she rejected Him. And how the Word of God broke all the barriers she had set up and she was able to hear and experience the amazing salvation story….the unfathomable love of God the Father who created her; salvation by grace through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; of her ongoing sanctification through the work of the Holy Spirit; of the transformation of her life and mind through the washing of the water of the Word; and of the gifts of repentance and forgiveness that enable her to live a life of holiness, clothed in the righteousness of Jesus. This is Deborah’s testimony of the faithfulness of God through her pain, hurt, anger, and repeated rejections. She is a beloved child of God who has surrendered her life to be a worshiper, worker, and witness in the Kingdom of God.









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